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Belstat is looking for a partner for Germany

Belstat free statistics exists for over 14 years and has users all over Europe and beyond. It has proven to be a fantastic free tool.

To further develop and expand Germany ( we are looking for a partner. It is the partner’s task to develop the market by promoting and following up the site. The more grows the more money the partner will make.

Make easy money by developing your local Belstat. The better you develop your country the more money you will make. It will only take few time to get great results!

Tasks for the partner:

  • Responding to emails of users from Germany.
  • Correcting language of the Belstat site.
  • Promoting the Belstat site in Germany by adding Belstat to local directories and writing articles or reviews about Belstat in blogs or forums (no spam!).
  • Proposing improvements following local users’ remarks.
  • Organising steep growth of the site.
  • Finding advertisers to advertise on


  • 30% of publicity income of advertisers found by the partner;
  • 15% of all other publicity income on on the site for 3 years ;
  • If the partner has also his own internet activity arrangements could be made for the promotion of his business on

Partners’ Profile:

Ideally the partner would have the following knowledge and experience:

  • Native speaking German.
  • Very good speaking and writing English.
  • Being a good communicator having commercial feeling.
  • Experience in writing commercial communications (email).
  • Some knowledge of or experience in website development is a plus.
  • Having your own internet activity is a big plus.
  • Experience with internet advertising is a plus.

If you are interested in this proposal please send us an email to with your presentation, remarks and proposal.


Best regards.


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